Documented Process Flows Ensure That Orders Are Billed

With the increasing number and types of service providers, it’s more important than ever to have an effective order management process in place.

CSS will help you define an access order process that will manage all of your orders from receipt, to implementation, to billing. We will define standards designed to prioritize orders and establish time frames for completion, resulting in an efficient and effective order management process.

If you’re an ILEC, we can:

  • Train your staff in the proper handling and disposition of access orders
  • Develop company-specific processes designed to ensure the effective internal handling of orders, including tracking and pricing mechanisms
  • Flow order information to CABS vendors on your behalf
  • Issue specific ASRs on your behalf for the provision of the local, interLATA, and intraLATA networks

If you’re a CLEC, we can:

  • Notify carriers of your switch deployments
  • Track and follow up on your access orders
  • Work with switch translations personnel to ensure that orders are transmitted properly
  • Issue ASRs on your behalf and manage them through the interconnection process with the ILEC
  • Submit local service requests, and oversee the management of the service
  • Prepare and oversee provisioning plans to ensure that all services are coordinated and managed properly

Service providers need to establish a documented process flow that ensures validation of all orders prior to implementation, and CSS can help you get that process in place.