Meet CSS’s Senior Staff

Marnell Robertson, President

Marnell’s name is familiar to a wide range of communications providers who have benefited from her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the access and billing environments. It was her experience and grasp of the complexities of the competitive arena that led Marnell to her decision to found CSS in 1998.

Prior to striking out on her own, Marnell served as Director of Ordering and Billing for IXC Communications in Austin, Texas, where she helped design the switched provisioning system to connect resellers with IXC’s switches, and where she developed the Switched Response Organization Department to provide switched 8xx services for resellers, as well as new software for switched reseller billing. In 1998, Marnell received IXC’s Exceptional Award for her adoption of the IOL System.

Before joining IXC, Marnell served as Manager of Access Services for John Staurulakis, Inc. (JSI). This relationship laid the foundation for the partner relationship later established between CSS and JSI. While at JSI, Marnell assisted in company management studies, providing restructuring guidelines and job formatting assistance for clients, and developed training programs in access billing, rate applications, and local competition.

Marnell began her telecommunications career at Century Telephone Enterprises where, over the course of thirteen years, she held various positions, including Manger of Access Billing, and was in charge of the design and maintenance of both CABS billing systems and database trending systems. During her career at Century Telephone, Marnell also assisted in the design of the Circuit Order Processing System, a mechanized ASR process for provisioning, inventory, and CABs billing functions required for trunks and special access.

Marnell’s wealth of experience in billing and back-office operational support makes her an unparalleled resource for traditional telecom providers, as well as competitive providers. Her expertise is well recognized, and she is frequently called upon by a variety of industry organizations and forums. Marnell’s analysis of billing issues has been featured in industry publications, including the OPASTCO Roundtable, and she is a frequent speaker at various national and state association seminars and conferences.