Meet CSS’s Senior Staff

Sue McCormack, Manager–LEC Services

Sue is Creative Support Solutions’ Manager of LEC Services. In addition to working with clients in the area of access billing, she also oversees CSS’s Customer Service program.

Sue began her telecommunications career at Highland Telephone Company in Monroe, New York where she held several management positions, including Network Services Manager. In 1979, she began a twenty-four year career with John Staurulakis, Inc., where she worked in the Traffic, Separations and Management Services groups.

In January 2003, Sue joined CSS, where she built on her industry experience through exposure to the competitive side of the industry. She has been a long-time participant in the ATIS Ordering and Billing Forum Committees, and currently participates on the Local Ordering Task Force.

Sue has participated in state and national associations, and has made presentations at various industry gatherings, including the New York State Telecommunications Association, Telephone Association of New England, Pennsylvania Telephone Association, RICA and OPASTCO.