Meet CSS’s Senior Staff

Robb Johnson, Director of Usage

Robb is CSS’s Director of Usage, and brings considerable depth of experience to that position. In this capacity, Robb’s purview includes oversight of all usage-related operations.

Robb’s career began with Pacific Telecom where he held several managerial positions including Project Manager-CAMS/CASS, Manager-Message Processing, and Manager-Record Processing. In these capacities, Robb’s responsibilities included managing the implementation of a vendor -written message processing system; implementing a new toll processing system; and managing the process of developing and maintaining systems through coordination of procedures development. In addition to these major projects, Robb’s was responsible for the day-to-day oversight of his staff and departmental operations.

Robb’s proven project management skills, in addition to his telecommunications and message processing background, continue to make him an invaluable asset to CSS’s organization.