Meet CSS’s Senior Staff

Jackie Feicht, Director of Special Access

Jackie, “J.J.”, is Creative Support Solutions’ Director of Special Access. As such, Jackie oversees Special Access billing and disputes, in addition to providing input and assistance on other industry issues.

In 2003, following a career of more than thirty years with BellSouth, Jackie joined the CSS staff. During her tenure with BellSouth, Jackie administered joint access, and meet point billing and provisioning processes. She was also responsible for the development and presentation of the applicable training documentation for both industry participants and internal customers.

Jackie has been a long time participant in the Ordering and Billing Forum committees, including the Billing and MECAB Committees, and served several multi-year terms as Co-Leader for the MECAB Committee.

In her capacity as Director of Special Access, Jackie has expanded on the skills sets developed during her extensive telecommunications career to become an invaluable resource to both clients and colleagues.